LOL: Last One Laughing

Cinema premiere in Munich with Torsten Sträter, Bully Herbig, Michael Kessler & Co.

Our guests had a good laugh. Because they didn't have to stick to the motto in the season 5 premiere of "LOL: Last One Laughing".

On behalf of the Astro Film Lounge in the ARRI cinema, we welcomed content creators, opinion leaders and media representatives. The whole thing was moderated by the great Dominik Porschen, who led the evening charmingly. Five comedians from the season were there: Torsten Sträter, Meltem Kaptan, Mirja Boes, Michael Kessler and Bully Herbig.

On the screen there was the preview for the 5th season, which can officially be seen from Easter with the 10 candidates: Otto Waalkes, Elyas M'Barek, Ina Müller, Hazel Brugger (is there for the third time), Mirja Boes, Ralf Schmitz, Michael Kessler, Torsten Sträter (won in season 1 and shared his prize money with Teddy Teclebrhan) and Olaf Schubert.

The first season of “LOL: Last One Laughing” won the German Television Award, the German Comedy Award and the German Entertainment Award. The second season was also well received by the audience and seasons 3 and 4 broke records as the most streamed title on Prime Video in Germany and Austria.