Secret Garden

With Collistar x Müller on a beauty tour in Munich, Vienna and Hamburg

The new skincare products from the Milanese brand Collistar are not only highly sought after, but also look good. The product lines for HIM and HER impress with their design even before use. In order to bring this to the press, influencers and employees of the Müller drugstore chain, we are creating events in three cities: Secret Gardens will be created in Munich, Vienna and Hamburg in April and May 2024.

We transform first-class locations such as the Andaz in Vienna or the Restaurant Portun in Munich into botanical spa oases in order to take the middle target group and social media stars away from their stressful everyday lives. Skin experts from Casa Collistar in Milan will present the latest care and beauty hacks on site.

Present at every event: the peony - because it is an important ingredient in many of Collistar's hero products. We look forward to representatives from DIVA, FACES, Kronen Zeitung, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Instyle and many other media.