Olfactory Persuasion

We start to communicate four more fragrances. Budget gain for PR and influencer marketing.

The most personal accessory is invisible and tells stories. Fragrances reveal a lot about us. Totally different than fashion, we don't wear them in front of us, we don't use them to catch glances from afar. Perfume is closeness. Intimacy.

We are pleased to support four very special brands with PR and influencer marketing from now on:

Bond No. 9 New York

"Will you bring it for me?" Fortunately, if you want to wear Bond No. 9 today you don't have to wait for returners from New York. We tell the story of the French perfume expert Laurice Rahmé who dedicates her creations to her favourite city.

Jacques Zolty

Also paying homage to a place are the fragrances of Jacques Zolty: "St Barth is like a fortress where I find shelter when the world gets too rough and where I can always find everything I need and an environment that catches me."

Maison Noir

Behind every number is a new fragrance. Maison Noir is a fictional townhouse. An olfactory place behind whose doors a different, exciting olfactory journey begins each time.

Orient and Occident come together: Oud is one of the highest quality fragrance essences. Bottled in artfully designed flacons, the perfume range from The House of Oud is one of the most exclusive the world of fragrances has to offer.

Orient und Okzident verbinden sich: Oud gehört zu den hochwertigsten Duft-Essenzen. In kunstvoll gestaltete Flakons abgefüllt stellt das Parfum-Sortiment von The House of Oud mit das Exklusivste dar, was die Welt der Düfte zu bieten hat.