Lead agency for legero united

Milan, Stockholm, Oslo, Vienna & Munich – we are looking forward to the Europe-wide cooperation and further events.

This year we celebrated the150th anniversary of the Austrian company legero united.

Due to this occassion, we were commissioned as the lead agency for the brands superfit and legero for PR, events and influencer marketing.

We were allowed to implement Press Days in Milan, Vienna, Munich, Stockholm and Oslo. Place the latest shoe models online and offline in a targeted manner and adjust the focus per market.

We were able to welcome more than 760 guests in all locations and were able to pick up the middle target group with exciting trends and news for 2023.

Legero stands for rich in experience and colour. Sustainable and light as a feather – in the current A/W season 2022, the design team has set its sights even higher. Now the brand is putting the world at its customers' feet: with models that are even lighter on the feet and on the conscience. With 150 years of progress, incomparable comfort, smart function and unique softness, giving the consumer the legero feeling with every single step step

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legero @ TONY Beachparty

Dog owners, watch out! If you have to go out three times a day, you need the best shoes. Ideally light as a feather. So it quickly became clear: Petfluencers should test the lightness of the shoe models READY and TANARO with their female owners directly at our TONY beach party at Schliersee:

TONY Beachparty 2022: Petfluencer-Event am Schliersee Click to load the video. Personal data will be shared with the hoster - Privacy Policy