Intelligent self-defence

A kung fu Grand Master as a corporate influencer

How do you succeed at promoting self-defence on the world's largest video platform?

Our approach: We turned a WingTsun grandmaster into a corporate influencer who, as an expert, provides weekly tips on YouTube. The difference to the known tutorial formats: Based on simulated scenes, we present solutions for everyday situations. Thus, instead of demonstrating martial arts, Dr Oliver König conveys his expertise by commenting on the clip scenes. We address different target groups’ safety needs and offer solutions for dealing with harassment at the workplace, thug-like, aggressive behaviour and dangerous situations for children.

With all episodes, the following principle always applies: The best fight is the fight that never happened in the first place.

The result: 32,000 subscribers, video views in the six-digit range after six months and thousands of leads for the customer.

Client: Europäische WingTsun Organisation

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