Animal Fingerprint

PR und Petfluencer Marketing für

Every dog(’s diet) is unique. Which is why e-commerce provider offers personalised dog food according to such criteria as the canine’s age, breed, weight, preferences and allergies. To underline this individuality we have staged the “fingerprint” of selected dogs as close-ups at an exclusive shoot in Cologne. The counterpart to human fingerprints for identifying our furry-nosed friends is, however, their noses rather than their paws. Dog noses have numerous individual lines and shapes. And this is precisely what we have captured and shared via PR and social media.

Joining the fray were celebrity pooches like maltipoo Krümel with owner Janine Kunze and dwarf poodle Irma owned by RTL presenter Bella Lesnik. Attention-grabbing social media posts and challenges in the petfluencer community extended this campaign with a wide reach.

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