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Happy Birthday: Legero United celebrates with wearable shoe artworks

In March 2022, the legero team celebrates its anniversary with three limited shoe models designed by artist Katharina Spielmann. There will be a limited number of 500 for each model on sale. We organised events in Munich and Vienna for the Austrian shoe manufacturer. Set up like a vernissage. But with the focus on the shoes.

On location: media representatives from InStyle, Glamour, Bunte, Pro7, Freundin, Curvy, Wienerin, woman, miss & social media stars like model Ana Martinovic and influencer Tiffany Winteler.

Finger food, a DIY action corner and photo ops on a 3m swing took the guests into the legero brand world.

The DIY Vernissage was to present artistically what moves us: a canvas for life. Every shoe looks unique, depending on what you have experienced with it and how the wearer styles it.