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Saves the masseur: anyone can use the triggerbow at home.

Attention, singles! With triggerbow you get the hang of it and can easily relieve muscle tension yourself.
A rotating stainless steel ball is integrated in the middle of the triggerbow, which is made of high-quality wood. It imitates the thumb of a physiotherapist who presses specifically on the painful trigger points. The bow is easy to handle: you simply hold it by both handles to apply the pressure in a targeted manner, individual to your personal needs. The user decides how hard they want to press on the pain point.
The triggerbow was developed by physiotherapist Roman Schipfer, who has many years of experience in treating pain patients.

"We were looking for an agency that, on the one hand, understands the health issue with the widespread back problems and, on the other hand, offers us the best possible comprehensive support for all target groups," explains Juliane Ascher, Marketing Manager at triggerbow. "Thanks to KARKALIS, we were placed in print and online in a very short time, e.g. in Shape, Donna, Gala, Women's Health, sustainably living, myself, Manager Magazin, Bild der Frau slim & fit and on” Product tests, editorial tours, influencer gift campaigns and media cooperation were also successfully implemented.