Differentiated appeal to each target group

The European Wing Tsun Organisation has 1,000 schools and is Germany’s market leader in self-defence. It offers a wide range of options for men, women and children. To reach potential customers, we set up a separate campaign for each group. The men’s campaign focused on male territorial behaviour, with the result that we attracted several enthusiastic men’s magazines which then reported on successful self-defence techniques against thugs, using Wing Tsun techniques. The TV stations RTL, PRO 7 and SAT 1 re-enacted suitable pub scenes and showed the viewer how to avoid troublesome situations.

In the children’s campaign, we emphasised the danger from adults, and our tips for preventative action were subsequently picked up by the media. As self-defence for women had already been a major media focus on other occasions, we decided to adopt a different approach. Working with the Grand Master Keith Kenspecht, André Karkalis, the founder of the agency, wrote a self-defence guide for women. Not only was it totally new in content, but it was also designed in a visually appealing manner and still hasn’t been surpassed to the present day. To take women’s martial art out of its niche existence, all the photos were produced by fashion photographers. This led to substantial media coverage.

Kunde: Europäische WingTsun Organisation

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