Products that tell stories

Spreckelsen & Carnevale is a privately owned jewellery store in Hamburg which specialises in cufflinks. To use fashion retailers as a nationwide channel of distribution, the company first had to increase the visibility of its brand.

So we set up a two-stage strategy with a view to generating earned media. Seeing that Sylvia von Spreckelsen, the store owner, is also a qualified goldsmith, we presented her to the fashion trade media as a quality-conscious expert. Many of the trade media subsequently published full-page reports.

This was followed by an end-user campaign. Alongside the existing products, a targeted media collection was created which was helped along by our ideas and story telling. This included a polar bear cub called Canute who was depicted on a special edition of WWF cufflinks. Women, on the other hand, were targeted with cufflinks made from onyx in the form of slip-on shoes (pumps). We also publish details of a special offer for watch lovers in the media: take a photo of your own watch, send it to Spreckelesen & Carnevale and receive a pair of specially designed cufflinks to match your watch.

Client: Spreckelsen & Carnevale

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