The perfect look

Regional and sustainable: Swiss eye care made from whey and the power of the silk tree

LediBelle commissions us with PR plus influencer relations for their beauty products in Germany and Switzerland.
The Swiss company LediBelle stands for pure beauty with a regional heritage. Their products combine the cell-renewing effects of goat whey with the restorative power of Jacob’s Spring Water. Their Clean Beauty range is made in Appenzell. Thanks to the goat whey, it is particularly gentle on the skin and well suited for allergy or neurodermatitis sufferers. New addition: the eye cream with the Beautifeye active ingredient. The extract from the silk tree bark lifts sagging upper eyelids and replaces invasive surgery. Fatigue, puffiness and dark circles are visibly reduced. Maximilian and Svetlana, the brand’s founders, care deeply about a local value chain, sustainable production and fair working conditions. They want to create both me-time and we-time. To increase brand awareness, we focus on influencer marketing, Press Days and media cooperations.