Berlin Fashion Week: Three PR events in three days

HUGO BOSS, Olivia Burton and Melvin & Hamilton: Three PR events in three days

We’ve been permanent guests at the Fashion Week in Berlin for many years. Here, we regularly meet customers, journalists and influencers - often at events that have been organised by us. An overview.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020 - BOSS event with Donna Adi

Together with our client, BOSS, and the presenter, Christian Düren, we welcome celebrities, press representatives and influencers to the Grace Bar of Hotel Zoo. True to the motto of JOIN THE FUTURE, the latest jewellery items were presented in holograms, on iPads and on large screens. We would like to express a special word of thanks to the editors of Gala, InStyle, Vogue, Manager Magazin, and Pro7, as well as some influencers like Julia Haghjoo, Kevin Pabel, Daniel Toni Jais, Andre Hamann, and Micha Kara for their incredible support. The live performance by Donna Adi was the highlight of the event. The Los Angeles-based artist is famous for her pop art style post-processing of Instagram images. She refined the influencers’ images on-site, which were duly celebrated on the social web.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2020 - A whodunnit in Soho House

Inspiring content: What does a good Flatlay have in common with a whodunnit? Targeted clues, a perfect arc of suspense and a great story. This is exactly what we taught our guests in the Flatlay Workshop in Soho House. The Rainbow Collection 2020 by Olivia Burton was staged live by experts in still photography, and the influencers received ideas for their own content.

Always in the picture and, needless to say, very prevalent on Instagram: the Olivia Burton watch and jewelry models.

Thursday, 16 January 2020 - Sneak Peak with Melvin & Hamilton

Melvin & Hamilton has been designing and producing unique shoe creations for more than 30 years. For Fashion Week, we organised an exclusive event at Café MarcAnn's, where the brand's founders spoke about sustainability and their corporate values. Needless to say, Karim and Olivier Choukair also presented the upcoming autumn/winter shoe highlights 2020/21 for men and women. Here, Dandy-Style, extraordinary Chelsea Boots, Light Ugly Sneakers, and Cowboy boots with silver toe caps ranked high up on the popularity lists of both fashion bloggers and the fashion journalists from Flair, Valeur Magazin, BOLD, Cosmopolitan, ELLE.

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