Valuable Time

What is the best approach to reinterpret time for a premium brand?

For HUGO BOSS, we invited journalists and influencers to visit a vault. Equipped with a key, the purpose was to find the matching lock box and to discover BOSS watches.

This was then followed by a dinner and, as the highlight of the evening, the guests were taken on a trip through time. With the support of a book author, each guest went on to write a letter to his or her future self, before sealing it and handing it over.

The Result:
Journalists of ELLE, InStyle, InStyle Men, GQ, and Süddeutsche Magazin, as well as high-reach influencers such as Daniel Tonijais, Kevin Pabel and Frances do not only know the brand’s new watch models, they are also curious to see when they will be receiving post, because, needless to say, we are not giving away when we will be sending out the letters.


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